5 Ways to Unblock Facebook Anywhere

Facebook is one of the best social media website which is used by millions of people in the world. It is very useful to be in touch with our friends, relatives and we can stay updated with the latest news. Generally, it has become a source of communication too. We can do video conference with our friends and relatives via Facebook. Many of the users browse Facebook daily and sometimes when the website gets blocked the users gets very frustrated. We can unblock the site by using proxy websites.

We can also create our own proxy websites to unblock any of the blocked sites. We should use only secured proxy websites to unblock facebook when it gets blocked. In some offices, schools and colleges they blocks the social websites including Facebook for some security reasons. So that no one can browse Facebook in that system. But we can simply unblock the blocked sites by using proxy servers. There are many other ways by which you can unblock the blocked sites like we can use VPN too for unblocking the blocked site.



If you are not able to access face book by using the face book URL than you can use the internet protocol address to browse Facebook. To find the IP address of Facebook we can use any ip address search engine. After obtaining the IP address, put that IP address in the browse address bar and you can start browsing Facebook.



In some offices, schools and colleges the administrator blocks the social websites including Facebook as they don’t want anyone to browse those social websites because of security reasons. When you face this problem you can use any free proxy websites. There are many free proxy website available so we can take advantage of those sites to access any blocked site.


You can try using Facebook in different language. You can use search engines to browse Facebook in different languages like Italian, Portuguese and Hindi. If you feel uncomfortable to understand those languages then you can use the Google translation service.


You can start browsing it by using the mobile version of Facebook. You can access the mobile version of Facebook by using URL. It looks a little bit different from the actual desktop site as it is created  for the mobile users but it can be used to access Facebook if gets blocked.

5. USE A VPN:-


If the administrator blocks your Face book Id or other social websites. The best way to unblock the blocked site is by using VPN. You can take advantage of free VPN to access the blocked sites. Mostly in colleges, schools and offices you can see that the administrator blocks the social websites as they don’t want anyone to access those sites. It is found that the best solution in this matter is to VPN. So that you can access any blocked social websites.


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