5 Yoga Poses you need to Know About

Yoga expands your conscience in every direction; you will feel yourself in great, new and wonderful world. Yoga gives you way to discover yourself to be greater person by far than you dreamed ever to be. Basically it is the union of individual conscience or soul with the nature consciences or spirit. It is old Indian body of knowledge.


Yoga is not only as a physical exercise, but also people turn, stretch or breathe in most complex ways. These are all superficial aspect of profound yoga science to open infinite source of energy of the human mind and soul.

The knowledge of yoga takes in the complete real meaning of the way of life. It helps you to emotional integration and spiritual elevation with the touch of ancient element of life. It give you glance of something beyond all imagination. Here we have presented 5 essential posses you really need to know. Let’s begin.

  1. Sphinx Pose:-

Sphinx pose is nice way to expand your chest. Practice chest openers, like Sphinx pose. Stay on your belly, legs side by side and pact your gluts. It is key action to twist. Roll your on the outside thighs toward the floor. Set your elbows under your shoulders, your forearms parallel on the floors. Inhales and raise your upper chest. Stay here for 3-4 deep breaths.

  1. Pranayama Pose and Meditation:-


Pranayama is the extension and control of breathing. Practice proper pose of breathing can help you to inhales more oxygen to blood and mind, eventually helping vital life energy. Pranayama and Meditation goes to with various yoga asanas. The union of these two Yoga Training is considering as a highest cleansing and self-discipline, controlling both mind and body.

  1. Karma Yoga Pose:-

Karma Yoga practices is more for spiritual growth rather than exercise for any sort of health benefits. It primary aim is to improve your positive attitudes. It more emphasize to maintaining a pleasant balance of all your activities. Keep your hands on yoga mat. The arms should be straight to the shoulders. Now shift your toes under your feet and keep stable your knees. Move your legs upward and get them apposition such that your body forms inverted v shape. Yoga Training will help you to get best practice of Karma Yoga.

  1. Cow Face pose or Gumukhasana to enhance flexibility :-


Cross your right legs on in front of your left and try to walk slowly. Use your arms for support as you slowly hip down to the floor. Once you sitting, put the fingers on your left hand of shoulders. Pull your hands towards each other and inhale slowly. Repeat same practice by changing the position of your hands.

  1. Big Toe Pose to enhance Flexibility:-

Yoga for flexibility is supposed to start with one of the best stretching Yoga pose. To perform the big toe pose stand upright on your feet. Keep your feet straight, inhale as you bend forward from your hip joints. Hold your toes and try to bend a little further.

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